Spokane, WA, United States
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ceramic artist and constant moleskine sketcher...

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man of a few words who is a bored, overworked, suffers from insomnia and is a moleskine geek.  occasionally finds time to make ceramic sculptures...

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Tony Delane Morris
Tony Delane Morris July 25, 2010

What it is my brutha?! How you been man? Sorry I have'nt been in touch. I hope you managed to pull yourself out of that rut. I've been there too many times. Me? I've been working a lot of hours and driving a lot of miles, hauling glass all over the metroplex. And it has been a real scorcher here in dallas. Working 10-12 hours 5 days a week has been wearing me out. But I still manage to crankout a sketch or doodle in my sketchbook everyday. Once things slow down I'll have more time and energy to focus. Take care big dawg.

violasbees July 21, 2010

:) wonderful work! so nice to meet you!


AngelusNoir July 20, 2010

Great blog!You really have a great graphic style & very eyecatching works!

Thanks for the friendage!!:D*hugs*<3

satibobotty July 19, 2010
Absolutely amazing to me!
Skoolie July 15, 2010

I got my sketchbook, today I'm so excited! Sorry I had to say something to someone. It's a return to the art world for me.

Skoolie July 12, 2010

 Re; Journal theme

Nightmares sounds awesome, I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Skoolie July 11, 2010

Oh and for some reason my message about my sketchbook project isn't showing up. I chose the theme "It will be fun, I swear."

It reminded me of times in my life, or situations that arise where someone says "This is going to be awesome, trust me! I've painfully learned that you shouldn't trust someone that says Trust me.

What theme did you chose?

Sorry if you got this message more than once.

Skoolie July 11, 2010

Your profile pic... I thought it was Shel Silverstein but with better eyebrows but its You! :)

You work is amazing and truely inspiring. Thanks!



Tony Delane Morris
Tony Delane Morris May 16, 2010

Hey bro! How have you been? I had'nt been here in a loooong time. Last time I checked, the site was still down for construction. It's looking good. I see your still throwing down too. I've been kinda blocked the past couple of months. I've only been sketchin' and doodling... nothing serious. But i'll be back in the game again soon. Everything else is good though.

Ria O'Hagen
Ria O'Hagen April 25, 2010

Thanks. I am thinking of entering the Dream project, because of my location I can only enter projects that don't require anything to be sent to me. It just takes way too long to get anything here.n I took a blow to the head recently that seems to have dislodged the block! Been working with clay a lot, but do need to get on with some of the painting commissions that I have been avoiding!


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