wendy cook

reston, VA, United States
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Artist, Photographer, Mama, Chocoholic, Loves the smell of crayons!

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My Life in a Yellow Submarine: a journey into t...

for The Sketchbook Project Volume 4

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Worlds Inhabited ©2009 W.Cook

for The Space Between Us

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Wendy Cook has been exhibiting her work since 1986. Her disciplines include painting, photography, book arts, assemblage, and jewelry. She has been published in the US, Canada and the UK. Her work has been sold at charity events such as the "Postcards From the Edge" benefit for Visual AIDS of NYC; Northern Virginia Family Service; and The Fund for Women Artists.

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nyxluna 10 hours ago

wonderful work.

pbworks April 12, 2010

Thank you for stopping by and for your comment ;)

Toni A.m.
Toni A.m. March 25, 2010

thank you thank you :D

wendy cook
wendy cook March 25, 2010

toni, you are way too kind.  i humbly thank you.  i used golden brand liquid acrylics and glazes and a little water soluble oil stick.  i think i detailed the all the materials including the actual colors here


just scroll down to the bottom and you'll see my recipe LOL.


Toni A.m.
Toni A.m. March 25, 2010

Sweet! Thanks. Oh and what material did you use in your book, besides the obvious. Haha. Was that water colour or acrylic orrr what? I mean seriously I am in love with the way you did your book. Haha

maysoulpower March 24, 2010

beautiful and inspiring work! when you're able to run like the wind with your brushes, that's amazing...

yard_ape December 30, 2009

thanks for sharing the link to your site.  amazing work and mind!

Nancy Martini
Nancy Martini December 23, 2009

Beautiful sketchbook! I love all the cut outs and added pieces...


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