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I was born and grew up in Greece and moved to England when I was 19.I did a BA Modern Drama Studies and then a Foundation course in Art and Design.Afterwards I did all kinds of pointless jobs because I didn't really know what I wanted to do.At the moment, I'm doing an MA Fine Art and I'm trying to make theatrical installations combining everything I have learned.

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mountainvoice 20 hours ago

haha it turns out my project went under the name of "untitled"... gahhh i hate beuracracy! 2 things:

1- how have you been? :)

2- where do i go to find out the status of my book?!?! like i have no idea how many people have looked at mine, or even if anyone has looked at mine at all :S

VadaSultenfuss March 6, 2011

Haha that's cool!Have you been painting a lot more then?I just came back from New York a few days ago.I went to the sketchbook exhibition,it was really cool.I wanted to see your sketchbook too and many other people's sketckbooks from here but I didn't know anyone's real name

mountainvoice February 28, 2011

hey, hows life been? ive just started uni again and my art time has been reduced next to nothing, which is good in a way because i find i paint alot more when i should be doing other things XD

danawalrath February 21, 2011

Katerina- It was great to spend time with yoru book again. When I looked in person I could see the power of your colors. Now I feel the power of your themes as well. Through contrast they build upon each other!  

VadaSultenfuss February 15, 2011

Thanx,I got an email that my sketchbook was received yesterday.Yeah sure I'll look at your sketchbook,what's your name on the sketchbook?

mountainvoice February 15, 2011

im sure that your book will make it in on time :) still have a few more days yet! your going to new york!? how exciting! if u stop by would you mind taking the time to look at mine? id be rather flattered if you would. i am doing quite alright atm, working full time until uni starts back

VadaSultenfuss February 12, 2011

Oh you're lucky!I still haven't received an email and I sent mine on the 10th of january..I really hope it wasn't lost because I'm going to New York to see the sketchbook exhibition and it's gonna be very dissappointing if my sketchbook isn't there..

I'm good btw,how are you?

mountainvoice February 12, 2011

hey vada, how are u doing? =) just got notified that my sketchbook just got recieved, how long it will take them to upload i have no idea =/ hope you are well!

NazRahbar February 7, 2011

amazing stuff! 

jettelotte February 1, 2011

great work!!


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