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Eric spent his earlier years as a Russian cosmonaut until a freak accident brought him far too close to the sun resulting in the development of freakish artistic super powers. Years later after resigning from his secretary of state position in the Carter administration he chose to live a simpler life as a game show host/CIA consultant. He frequents comic book stores and is frequently seen holding half empty bottles of Rombauer Chardonnay. He has also been known as "The Garth Brooks of office supply thievery". Eric now resides in northern California with his imaginary pet raccoon Don Draper.

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JenniferGSchwartz September 19, 2010

I really like your style.  I like how it's cute/angry.

BrushMarQ September 19, 2010

I am guessing that your bizarre sense of humor came from your time in the Carter Admin. Great sketchbook, the expressions are perfect.

cosmicarcata September 13, 2010

It has been a while since I have been over to check out your sketchbook and say hi.  Hope to see something new soon!!!  Happy drawing.

noisician September 4, 2010

love the look of your drawings. the economy of lines. i want to figure that out!

charlottehamilton August 26, 2010

FAB bio...looking forward to being able to check out your MOLE in the NY Library!

I wish my Moleskine would arrive!!!


cosmicarcata August 20, 2010

Your sketches are AWESOME.  You certainly know how to interprete life in a fun way.

Urban Hobo
Urban Hobo August 5, 2010

Thanks a lot man, appreciate it!

yard_ape August 3, 2010

Love the book so far!  got a kick out of your bio!


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