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I am learning about art every day of my life - some personally and some scholarly - in everything I do.

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i am Di, short for diana, and i grew up on a small farm south-west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The importance of art has been very important to me in my  life, and i still express myself daily through doodles, drawings, and/or paintings. According to my mother, “Di was drawing before she was talking.” 

i have always drawn and doodled. however, i was introduced to painting when i first started volunteering for SCYAP (Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming) in 2006. Over time i became curious about Urban Canvas Project (UCP) that SCYAP offered and what it would entail. i graduated from UCP-VIII in January 2009, and was elated to explore the world with a new jive. The UCP experience rejuvenated my passion for the fine arts, and drawing and painting more regularly. i have artwork in and around Saskatoon, including a few murals with SCYAP, and have been published in various writings. 

i have always been self-taught, until i went to SCYAP and UCP-VIII, and now i am attending university. i never thought i would go for my goal as an artist, until i was introduced to art again through SCYAP.

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surviving2thriving October 10, 2010

thank you to you all, as i have finished my sketchbook and i love it. it has a new cover, and all the images are on here.

Mother Henna
Mother Henna October 6, 2010

Wonderful to connect with you here, Di!  I did the sketchbook project last year and LOVED it! Hope you are enjoying the process, too!  Miracles, k-

MaryDyja October 6, 2010

hello :)

ellywright August 21, 2010

Hello Di, I have enjoyed your sketchbook very much, both for its artistic and emotional content. I have the same theme as you (self-chosen) and have been struggling and even laid it aside. Seeing your book spurs me on to restart, even though my approach is totally different. Thanks for posting your drawings.

surviving2thriving August 12, 2010

angelpainter, alicia, and paul, thank you all for your comments...

MugPhlute August 1, 2010

Wow, Di...your sketchbook is powerful, personal, and deeply reflective.  I commend you for your transparency and sincerely hope that art gives you strength and energy.  I look forward to seeing how your project develops.


Alicia Hunsicker
Alicia Hunsicker July 27, 2010


Angelpainter1 July 23, 2010

thank you for the compliment.  Enjoy your work too

surviving2thriving July 22, 2010

nancy, thank you for your comment. i love butterflies too. the struggle for life and freedom ...

Nancy Martini
Nancy Martini July 22, 2010

Hi Di, thanks for friending me. I like where you are going with your sketchbook. I think my favorite is "Butterfly Life". I love butterflies! I have a butterfly garden, but this summer the caterpillars decided to eat my collards instead of the milkweeds I planted. I decided to let them gobble up my collards because I enjoyed watching the butterflies more than eating the collards.


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