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Hello and thanks for visiting! I'm a Bay Area illustrator who is especially inspired by my friends and family, my memories of childhood, nature, music, and most of all my two little girls. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries or just to say hello: [email protected]  ~ I'd love to hear from you!

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elaineespinosa January 6, 2011

Hi Shirley, thanks for stopping by.  Your characters are so cute!

liliredq January 5, 2011

thanks a lot Shirley!!! I really love your work too! your characters are really cute and i love the technique!!!

If i have the choice i would like to go and see the exhibition with all the sketchbooks!! and of course see yours!!

AnjaLau December 12, 2010

Thank you so much for your compliment, Shirley. I return it to you, too, because your characters look so alive ... everyone would like them to jump out of the paper to get new wonderful friends ;) They spread delight and warmth!!! Wish you all the best!!!

julissamora October 6, 2010

Hi Shirley! I'm so happy to see you on here. Thank you so much for finding me and adding me to your friends list. I need to catch-up on that. :) I can see your portofio above and can't wait to take a peek... gonna do that now... hehehe xo :)

ShirleyNgBenitez October 6, 2010

Thank you so much, Tera! I'm so pleased to see you herre...I'm going to swing by and check out your page now. : )

olivehue October 6, 2010

Yea! I love your little guys so much! :)


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