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All I do is win.

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My name is Rafael but everyone calls me Rafa. I'm 21 years old. I never attended any art schools or classes besides the regular required ones you are supposed to take in school. Art is my natural gift. I discovered it when I was 8 by pretty accuratley drawing grimace (purple McDonalds character). I major in Mathematics and also minor in Art. I love everything about Art whether it be drawing, painting, photographs, etc. On top of the drawing, painting, etc, I also customize shoes... I like to consider it a new unique kind of canvas.

I love to look at your art work so I hope you enjoy mine. Let me know what you think considering it'll only help me get better.

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halidook February 18, 2011

thanks for your comment.  I can't believe that u didnt have art background cuz ur paintings is awesome!!! ur usage of oil is just GREAT!!!


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