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Robin Tanner is an observer of life… of the everyday passages. Her photography, and most recently collage and sculpture capture random moments an unscripted commentary, capturing a smile or recognizing a fleeting composition. 

Robin’s exploration of found objects is a logical progression from her photography. She is exploring the debris from our domestic existence, cast off items that have lost their value, beach glass and shards of broken teacups thrown away onto a stony beach, only to be transformed into small jewel like objects after many years of being washed by the waves, silver cutlery bent and worn, found in charity stores, embroidery and crochet. Robin remakes these artifacts of domesticity, retelling their stories and those of the women who used these objects. Robin has a desire and fascination for old things and the need to make use of the ‘stuff’ we discard. Her comments on womanhood and domesticity are whimsical, never confronting, a quite discourse on femininity and the fast vanishing domestic arts. 


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rosiebirdie October 26, 2010

Hi Robinla, I am a bird freak and your birds are great. 


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