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I am an art teacher. I am interested in teaching urban youth and have done so for three years. I've always been drawing or doodling ever since I could remember so I'm glad I could find a career path that lets me enjoy my work. I've never been overseas, I like punk music & play guitar, I like tattoos and grafitti, I own a 20yr old Ford Mustang, I paint sometimes, I have a lot of grey hair & I'm only 29. I enjoy zombie movies. I sunburn easily. I have green eyes. I'm Irish. I have a lot of cousins like 40. I have a sister whos 4 years younger than me. My dad lives in Nevada. I like the show Futurama. What else?....I hope you like my portfolio.

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rickblane1 July 30, 2010

Thanks, I appreciate the comments. Working with urban youth is very rewarding (and challenging)!

surviving2thriving July 30, 2010

i like the pictures you have, and it's got me thinking even more about art. i have been also working with urban youth at a place called SCYAP (Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming) Inc. here in Canada.


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