CT, United States
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face & figure painting. experimental music.

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Face in the Crowd

for The Sketchbook Project: 2011

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I like pencils & acrylics for making faces and figures. My favorite artists include Jenny Saville, Francis Bacon, Egon Shiele, Euan Uglow, Lucian Freud.

I also record experimental music, abstract soundscapes, musique concrete under the project name Brutum Fulmen.


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artsofmay November 1, 2010

Your portraits are haunting--wonderful work.

noisician November 1, 2010

@BabiWS - I do often sketch people in cafes or bars, but I haven't tried painting "on location" yet. Most of the time I use a photo for reference -- even if I end up ignoring the colors anyway! Thanks for your comment!

BabiWS October 29, 2010

I love your portraits! Congratulations! Do you paint people you see on the streets? Do you paint them right in spot or do you finish later at home? I´m very curious :o)

atelierchezmarie October 21, 2010

The question wasn't meant to be provoking. Getting to the bottom of things and especially in art or music there is a personal layer one can 'read', beside the style of the artistic expression.

noisician October 20, 2010

atelierchezmarie, thanks for your thought provoking question. i'm not sure i really have an answer or can analyze my own tastes/motives that way. it's true i do like scary/lovely or beautiful/repulsive tension. sex/mortality... maybe confronting mortality, pain, ugliness makes them more familiar and takes some of their power away? hmm. i also like to notice the beauty to be found in commonplace or non-"beautiful' things.

atelierchezmarie October 20, 2010

I wonder, what really draws you to this dark and ambient universe of Bacon and Saville. As CindyStocktonMoore noticed: a blend of scary/lovely? Thanks for your comment on my work.

sleetmaa October 17, 2010

Your style is magnificent.

noisician October 12, 2010

Just uploaded a new profile image, which actually is a self portait. Although my chin and lower jaw is not that small. And my head is probably wider (more of a square). But I'm not that old and tired looking! Really! But I still like the painting. I'll try again later.

Nei September 29, 2010

Hey buddy, how r u doing? :)

AlexZonis September 20, 2010

You changed your profile image! I love the new one a lot. Is it a self-portrait? It has a resemblance to the previous one.


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