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My life's ambitions are (so far) to:

• be a published author
• be self-sufficient
• walk on the moon
• have fun daily
• be someone's best friend
• be a better Christian
• discover the best shampoo in the world
• travel (lots)
• get along with my family
• defeat the Headache Monster (preferably with bubbles)
• color, color, color

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Annie Hamilton-Grundy 3 months

That is an interesting Theme you have chosen this time - will look forward to seeing your concepts. The paper is thicker than last year - I am enjoying working on it - I stuck thin card on the back of each page which became quick stressful trying to do it neatly last year, so this year is less stressful - more time to be creative and just flow - I am really getting into my theme and enjoying the experience more also my youngest daughter is doing her own book so it is fun to draw side by side and get feed back off each other ... am currently trying to upload my first drawings but apparently there is a problem with uploading via Internet Explorer and not being an IT wizz I don't know any other way to do it so shall just have to wait for Arthouse to fix the problem ... all the best!

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gboivinqc 3 months

Hey there! Thank you for your comments on my book. I didn't finish it on time but I'm still working on it. I will post pages on my profile as soon as I complete them.

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Annie Hamilton-Grundy 3 months

Are you doing 2012? I chose "Fill me with Stories" off to a bit of a slow start but at least I have made one! (There is a Sketchbook group on Facebook if you're interested)

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Annie Hamilton-Grundy 3 months

Hi, just got your message, how exciting that you went to one of the exhibitions. I can't believe you searched out my book and especially can't believe it was out both times! I wish I could see the books - I am sooo excitited that they are touring Australia next year, like America it is a big place and I am so lucky that they chose to exhibit in Melbourne as it is only 1.5 hours away! (Thanks for trying to view it anyway)

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RahayuJoedawinata 4 months

Hey there :) thank you so much...
i wish i could go to one of the exhibition, but it's too far far away :D

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roshi7 9 months

thanks - it wasnt what I was planning that day, but seemed to be apt... still is! 

have a good weekend there 


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Annie Hamilton-Grundy 9 months

Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

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labouroflove 10 months

WOW!!! really loving your style+sketchbook...absolutely oozing with sweetness...can't wait to see this on tour... ~jo

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Miriam Medina 11 months

Welcome to the community girl!

*Miriam* :)

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