Albany, NY, United States
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It is the creative soul that illuminates life.

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I am always seeking "connections" in life to reflect in my creations, which include clay/sculpture, mixed media, drawing in b/w and color, painting and random collected objects which I attempt to transform.  I have a keen interest in the ancient/native/primitive arts and how the deep themes they represented somehow are still pertinant today and try to incorporate some of these themes into my art(s) to make the viewer more aware of some of these "life" and "purpose" concepts.  I believe that my multi-cultural background, as well as living in various US locations and in Argentina as a child also bring a heightened sense of my surroundings and observations of life around me.  I also have a keen interest in our "true" purpose here in this world and lately, as I have gotten older and most recently, have come to see the world as a "visitor" - in part, due to my awareness since about age 30 that life begins to somehow "speed" up each year we age and, in essence, our time here is short - so one must appreciate all that life has to offer, especially the rays of light that the arts offer in this awareness.

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yard_ape February 1, 2010

thanks for the comments, currently my kiln only goes to cone 5, i used to have access to a cone 10 gas kiln.  i miss those days...

nibby62 January 31, 2010

why, thank you.  i have worked with high fire clay, but currently only have access to low fire. 

yard_ape January 31, 2010

cool work, have you worked with high fire clay?

hanneshaus January 28, 2010


i like especially the squid1!


angelaferrara January 27, 2010

Wonderful, very nice :-)

alebara January 20, 2010

Thanks nadia... you can go to my website or follow my blog for updates...

will you como down to brooklyn for the opening in March...if you do then i'll see you there... =)

cbreeze January 11, 2010

thanks nibby62! You present such a meaningful sketchbook! You are a sensitive?

MaryL January 9, 2010


Thank you for your comments. I have never done this sort of thing before and I did not feel I could sketch a whole book. Your book is great and your Bio really meant  something to me especially the bit about life speeding up. How true is that

best wishes


Mark Dicey
Mark Dicey January 7, 2010

nice to connect! hope your day goes swell. Best, M.


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