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Nadine May Lewis works with a variety of media including paint (oil, acrylic, water color), metal, bone, and poetry. She was trained by Parsons (The New School) Professor Paul Matrilodono in metals, Peter Coria, of UCCC in Photography, and was trained in bone carving in New Zealand, and studied clowning with Wavy Gravy at Unison. Her visual work has been exhibited at a number of galleries including 60 Main in New Paltz, The Artists Society of Kingston Gallery, Medusa Gallery in New Paltz, and Cornell St. Studios, in Kingston. As a poet, she has been published in journals and anthologies including 'Dyed in the Wool,' published by Strawhouse Press, 'Riverine' published by Codhill Press, and in The Chronogram, and has edited a number of chapbooks for poetry events. She is also a member of Artist Society of Kingston, and has attended SUNY Ulster, SUNY New Paltz, and Victoria University at Wellington, New Zealand. Her greatest creations by far are Eamon and Nora her two children.


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