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Pär Boström 6 months

Your sketchbook is fantastic. Great work!

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Tracyloughlin 6 months

I really like your line work sparse but intense how wonderful. Thank you.

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jackmatamp 6 months

Do you like comics?  Your style seems to float between Eddie Campbell and Moebius, which are two of my favorite comic artists.  Keep up the good work!

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burntoast 6 months

Great work! Your website (and the photography of your work on your site) are gorgeous! 

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NazRahbar 7 months

my favorite sketchbook. 

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angela rohde 7 months

love your work!

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jennamarie 7 months

I really love your illustration style! keep up the awesome work!

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twenzel 7 months


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lynnmarcoe 7 months

Love your work!!!  I also like your profile picture....I have a pair of glasses that look like that!!!

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kalypsokat 7 months

 <3 your book!

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