The View From Up Here

for The Sketchbook Project: 2011

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raiderwill December 22, 2010

Awesome work!  What a great eye you have!  Great subject matter as well.

katelynlw December 15, 2010

Thank you so much! 

Lauri November 10, 2010

Your work is wonderful

Joki October 23, 2010

that'd be so nice. Just send me your cute cat-picture to my email: info<at> I'm looking forward to it… 36 more pages to draw ;)

DentDeLepi October 21, 2010

I look forward to seeing more of your drawings and thanks for the comment! I also like your profile pic, with the rusty old building in the back <3 I'm an avid urban explorer so I just love that kinda stuff

Joki October 20, 2010


… I'd be happy if you send me a photo of your lovely old cat :) Can't wait to see…

Have a nice day,


yard_ape August 29, 2010

in response to your question, some of the women are people i know, others are imagined, and the rest are adapted from photos (of course i added the odd/nightmare look to them).  i tend to draw a lot of faces...

katelynlw August 21, 2010

Thanks for replying back to me! I will have to look them up! maybe start doubling up my pages.. im not sure..  its tricky haha! I am glad you like my first page! i really like it too now to tackle the second page;) stay tuned! 


ps. I love your drawing style! i need to practice my faces! 

yard_ape August 21, 2010

in these thin paper sketchbooks i use sakura pigma micron pens (black and red pigment), and i use tombow brushtip markers.  they don't bleed through, but there is a strong ghost image.  i use archival double stick tape and double up the pages ( in the end you only end up with 20 drawings...)

i really like the start of your book, continue posting more!


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