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jump in first, look after
oil, canvas, acrylics, imagination, Sketch, pad

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Hi, I came across this site while reading another email so thought I would check it out.  I have been actively pursuing this wonderful world of Art since 2005.  Was encouraged although I have no formal training, just an over active mind, and a body that still keeps up.  I used to have my pieces critiqued, thought it was normal practise, but those days are gone and over with.  I now know better than this and paint for enjoyment, because I like to.

i have always been a doodler, a reader to.  Born and raised in the New England states, on a farm which had only kids but no animals, I had to learn to be creative in something, these two activities filled my days.  I hope to someday have my paintings exhibited in a world famous gallery and make zillions and zillions of dollars!  Well maybe this is a little outrageous, but I have so far completed 40+ paintings which I would like to share.  This site seems to be a good place to start. 

At this point in my life, I do not think I would seek formal education in art.  I think this may discourage me to the point where my doodling would no longer be fun.  So I plan to keep  my art pieces original and continue as it is and hope someone will like it, relate to it and say' ahhhh, I see!!!!!!!! get it? 

It is nice "meeting" others artists of the same and different mediums, and levels of experience, I feel like I fit right in.  Not that I'm greedy, but seek friendship to share, compare, exchange, comment and enjoy as many portfolios as possible, the more the merrier.  I feel this open communication benefits all in some way or another, me, I look to refine my art and make it better. 

 I will always be myself, my own worst critic.  Guess this is all for now.

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AMOSAIC 14 days ago

Hi Joanne,  Just wanted to say Merry Christmas.  I have discovered a flickr site with 4000 mosaic artists on it, so I have been checking it out too.  Hope you are doing well!  Kath


Nancy Hilgert
Nancy Hilgert 25 days ago

Hey, Joanne!  I just found your comments to my page - have you since been able to view my work?  www.fineartbynancyhilgert.com is my personal web address, and the work on Art House shows up as far as I can tell.  What's wild is, you live in Eugene, and I was just there in August.  I love your work, the color, the child like quality to it is so pure.  Do you have a favorite gallery in Eugene?




Roka 32 days ago

Hi, Joanne. I just joined ArtHouse and found you also live in the Eugene area. This looks like a wonderful community for artists. I'm going to go peek through your portfolio now.

Glad to meet you.



Claudio 121 days ago

Yay I wish you the best of luck then.


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