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My name is Hjördís Brynja and I’m born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1964.

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I have worked seriously as an artist from my early twenties.

As a young artist, I was always searching for my path, in art and in life. The first years I used mainly multimedia to express my art. Through the years I have worked with traditional medium as oil on canvas, sculpture, photography, moving images (video), various methods of graphic, performances, installations and computer graphic.
Today; my main medium is eggoiltempera on canvas and, paradoxically: computer art. I have worked with this medium, along with aquarelle and pastel, the last ten years. What fascinates me about the eggoiltempera, is the variety of light effects and the brightness of shimmering colour effects, which I can bring fourth with the eggoiltempera. I feel nearer to nature and my own feelings, when I can express myself this way.
I am as much a scientist as an artist; always doing this endless researching of natural phenomenon, metamorphoses and the micro/macro cosmos, constantly analyzing the world around me and inside myself. Constantly bringing myself, and my work, to the point of “now/here” in time; in spirit I am always in the source of beginning. Life has sculpted me , and still is, into this being that I am; artist 24 hours a day.

Art is food for me.


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clairelcorreia March 2, 2011

You make beautiful art. I also really appreciate the way that you describe yourself with words.

annrtist February 18, 2011

I love the simplicity of your paintings and the media sounds interesting!

ellywright February 2, 2011

Hi, Nice to be friends. Are you entering any sketchbook projects or other Arthouse projects? Visited your website and saw some interesting stuff.

Dzynmkr February 1, 2011

WOW! What gorgeous art! I absolutely love the Constellations piece. Thank you for the friend request : )

danawalrath February 1, 2011

Beautiful colors. I love all things round! Eclipse and Purple Moon especially 


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