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I draw the lines of the horizon, the sea and the land on paper and on canvas.

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Lines and Journeys

for The Sketchbook Project: 2011

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Drawing and writing have always been my passions.  I studied Fine Art in London, Oxford and Portsmouth in the UK and spend my time in the studio or out in the landscape drawing whatever grabs my attention. I work extensively in sketchbooks making little drawings which become the research which feeds my abstract interpretationas of landscape and memory.  In 2007 my series of work The Journey Sequence was exhibited widely and a painting from it won the 2007 University of Bath Painting Prize and a drawing won 3rd prize in the Australian International Drawing Biennale.  I have done three residencies in Ireland in the last two years.  Spending my time in Kerry at the edge of the known world, as it was known to the Monks who lived there in the 6th cenury!  I was observing the sea they experienced and the hills they watched. Some work from my Fellowship at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ireland in 2010 will be exhibited at The Pelavin Gallery in New York City May to July 2011. I write about artists for numerous journals as well as in my Writings on Artists Blog.  I have been writer in Residence for Evolver Magazine in the UK since 2006. 


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