Newark, NJ, United States
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I love designing for surfaces!

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Elizabeth Caldwell is a Graphic and Surface Designer with a penchant for patterns and a passion for paper. Her designs have been on stationery and gift products and sold in stores such as Target, Walmart, Michael's and more recently, Tiny*Prints and Wedding Paper Divas.

Graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design expecting to spend her life designing logos and print, she fell into surface design when she landed a job at a gift wrap company. It was love at first repeat. The world of surface design has been hers ever since, and thankfully so. Her line of work enables her to be an active part of her children's lives and do what she loves most of all - design!

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ShirleyNgBenitez November 1, 2010

Wow, wonderful, wonderful work in your sketchbook. It's such a pleasure to get to know you and your work! Keep it up!

BabiWS October 31, 2010

Hi Elizabeth! I love your sketchbook, your lettering is beautiful and so is your blog... I´m also a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful kids and a freelance Illustrator, but I live in Brasil :o) And I also picked a theme for this sketchbook that I could relate to my personal life (mom-house-husband-friends-family, etc...), that´s why I connected so quickly with your work, come visit my submission! I look forward to see more of your sketches!

ecdesign October 27, 2010

Thanks Kit and Hailey! =D

KitSeaton October 20, 2010

All that great texture makes this such a cozy book!  i could curl up in it.  : )

DentDeLepi October 20, 2010

Hi, I'm Hailey, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your sketchbook, your style is really lovely! And its nice to know another young(you look it anyways) mom is managing to get in some drawing time too!

ecdesign October 12, 2010

Hi Annie - thanks for the lovely comment! Looking forward to seeing more of your pages too. Loving the way you are illustrating the juxtaposition of inside/outside!

Anniehg October 11, 2010

Hi Elizabeth, love your text and content, your very honesty with your subject which makes it so easy to relate to, looking forward to seeing more.                             When I use to work in clay the surface decorating is what I loved and enjoyed doing the most - wish I could find a job designing wrapping paper - I'm currently a draftsperson doing house designs on the computer to pay the bills! Will definantely be keeping an eye out next time I"m in Target here in Australia for your designs!

ecdesign August 31, 2010

Thanks!! =D

purplestarfish August 31, 2010

Your sketchbook is incredible!  I'm so impressed, and I can't wait to see more!!!!


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