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Hey everyone! ahh I'm so bad at these. Okay, lemme start with I am 14 years old. I've recently become extremely interested in art. I play violin and drums. I want to get a career in art when I'm older. I also am a student photographer and developer(of film junk). I love music a whole bunch, I love Starbucks and I absolutely LOVE any comments. If you have something to critique me on, please do so:) Yes I'm young but I can take judgement like a man. hehe. Thanks for checking this out and stuff ^_^

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chickengirldesign November 4, 2010

Looking forward to seeing more pages! BTW I love your username :-)

nite owl
nite owl October 29, 2010

inspiration...hmmm, my pieces always start as random doodles that evolve over a series of days and many different layers of pencil, ink, white out and sharpies.  what i'm basically saying is just start drawing and if it's not coming out how you want to be afraid to just go over it. it's all a sketch until you say it isn't.

inspiration for me right now has been "dia de los muertos"  i'm doing lots of skulls. lots of skulls ! if that's too dark, do some teddy bears. thery're always fun.

if you want, you can email me at  [email protected]

these comments are a pain.

p.s.  i haven't even started my sketchbook yet. too busy with other stuff.


Domopowwow October 24, 2010

new drawings uploaded :)

nite owl
nite owl October 18, 2010

nice works, don;t put your camera down either. art and photo's go hand in hand.

don't be afraid to put some photos in your sketchbook. rules are made to be broken, especially if you have a good reason for it.


nicholashealy October 18, 2010

thanks so much for all the kind words on my sketchbook! I really like your lettering in the pages you've posted, can't wait to see more.

Domopowwow October 17, 2010

A note to everyone:

That very poorly drawn profile picture is in fact me.

I'll put the same image up later, except this time i'll take more than a few minutes on it ^_^

Domopowwow October 17, 2010

Hahaha, thanks:)

Ofra October 17, 2010

Thanks!  I really glad you like the profile picture, I promised to myself to add more pictures soon....  I love the screaming-baloon creature of yours :)

Domopowwow October 16, 2010

Anyone else only have eight pages of their sketchbook project done? I'm getting worried

yard_ape September 17, 2010

hey thanks for the comment, don't be too shy about posting your work, even if it isn't the final, you can always resubmit when it is complete.


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