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Im a painter and Art Educator

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:-) I JUST finished the last page today. Jan. 9, 2011. Will be putting up more pics soon as I take the photos. In the mail this week. UPDATE - MAILED Jan 14, 2010. SOOO excited. Here is the whole book in order - SLIDESHOW

I have taught visual arts for over 24 years at the High School level. My mediums are water color, pastels and I LOVE Acrylic and Acrylic Mediums. I have also started to explore casein.

I earned a BFA in Printmaking at Maine College of Art and a BS in Art Ed from the University of Southern Maine.

I have been married for over 30 years, have two grown sons and a Lab named Otto. I live in Southern Maine about 30 min. West of Portland.

For some reason the web site link on these pages does not work so, here are my links.


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jmwoodforde February 4, 2011

Love your beautiful sketchbook - Jen

dabickford January 26, 2011

Thank you guys. Its so cool looking at all the work! Not sure ALL my students think they are so lucky. I have pretty high expectations and not all of them like that much but oh well, its good for them.

dancewithanangel January 25, 2011

Breathtaking work, uplifting and so lovely.  You have some very very lucky students...

bhavini January 25, 2011

your sketchbook is beautiful! the way you've used different colours and textures is amazing!! =)

Aparna January 24, 2011

Thank you Debra for sharing the link to your photostream. That is a lot of information for me to digest. :) I have only been using acrylic matte medium till now. Now I want to try the molding paste and the absorbent ground. It is very nice of you to put together such a resource and make it available for everyone.

I also had a look at your other collections. Your classes seem very exciting!!

owenharris January 23, 2011

Thanks for your comment and questions:

the background colours are just cheap, interior wallpaint, which leaves a slightly rough & dry surface for the ball point pen drawing. The highlights are added last using correction fluid or white acrylic.

i'd love to see what you produce if you have a go. I really like the balance you find between collage, text and observational drawing.

dabickford January 21, 2011

thanks Susan

SusanBoydWilliams January 21, 2011

I was On Fire! about GMO Alfalfa Vote coming up,

when Diane Rigoli sent me your Sketchbook! I live in Harpswell, Maine,

and the book you made is a Perfect expression of how it is to live in here year round!

Your work is just beautiful, and a tonic to my soul.  I will revisit!  Love,Susan

friedaquilter January 15, 2011

I too had a very hard time sending off my sketchbook when I was finished! But really the pleasure is in the doing and it was an inspirational project to be involved in. Part of the fun is seeing everyone else's work and yours is gorgeous! Thanks so much for my friend invitiations here and on Facebook!

dabickford January 12, 2011

photos taken - now to say goodbye to it


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