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At my soul I am an oil painter, however my creative heart beats toward understanding the right media for the subjects I explore. I love the creative process and tend toward entering areas often outside my comfort zones. I prefer to use recycle materials with new materials. I also enjoy using old world techniques with updates to produce a work. Some of the work I do is emotionally intense, so I work on multiple projects that allow me to expand outside the ranges of intensity. For me the drive is the creative act found in expressing imagery in our human experience. Some artist express art in beauty, others push boundaries, me, I lost my real voice as a child who was molested by an uncle. I lost my voice again when art was taken from me as a child. I lost my voice when I lost my first child, I lost my voice as I choose to be a responsible voice for the child who is now the best daughter in the world and my muse. Now over a half century later my voice is seeking once again to explore the impossible and record the experiences, to engage myself with what is just beyond our senses.


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Flavia Bernardes about 15 hours

I thought our story was very moving and your work is just beautiful.

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meegan parkee about 1 month

Hi Chai, Thanks for divulging your "recipe" on how you create your work. Very hands on. Hope you're doing this year's project as well. Thanks once again.

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Jen 5 months

wow, really liked your 2011 sketchbook, the texture, black and white - powerful.

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JudeBM 5 months

Thank you for the comments and following my work, it is always good to get feedback, especially as this is the first 'sketchbook project' I have done. Your work is very moving and emotional and wow! can you draw! very expressive.

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MMMoonHames 6 months

Thank you for following me. Love your art, and will be following you too! Happy Holidays!

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bostinstuff 6 months

Thank you for following me, I love your style

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Adriana Taylor 6 months

Thank you for the amazing comment ... It really made me really happy to see it. Thanks so much!

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thank you for your lovely comments on my book, I am so glad you like it. Good look with yours it has a lovely feel to it. Kind regards Lynn

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rob jelinski 6 months

thank you for both of your kind posts! Hope you can hold my project at one of the tour stops = )

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Diana Taylor 6 months

Hi and thank you so much for the comments you made on my work. It was a bit of a challenge working on a more emotional level - not something I am used to doing. I was drawn to your profile picture when I first saw it, and I love the sensitivity of your work. All the best with your sketchbooks!

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