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When Cari-Jane Hakes was small she collected small things and self-publishing her stories on a turquoise typewriter. When she grew up she became an architect and built big things. Then she learnt how to make small things out of silver. When she isn't mucking around at either end of the scale spectrum you will probably find her drawing in her sketch book or taking close up photographs of lichen.

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Danny Mansmith about 1 month

Hi Cari thanks so much, it was a fun project to do, so nice to see your works too, sendin big smiles !!

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wellywearer 5 months

hi, thank you for your comment. Your sketchbook looks fantastic, you've built a lovely style up through it.

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D Chai Sourh 6 months

Love the style of your work. I also love your blog. I am looking forward to seeing how you develop the theme transatlantic.

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Cari-Jane Hakes 8 months

I haven't signed up yet! I would like to though - this time I would like to do something completely different.

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Louise Mould 8 months

Thank you for your comments on the 2011 sketchbook. Very encouraging!
I took a look at your sketchbook -- what a lovely descriptive journey you take us all on. Are you in the 2012 tour?

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Just looked at your 2011 book it is really beautiful. Love the story. Thank you for following my 2012 book.
Lynn x

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Lovely works!! I love your style and typography, colours. 

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Brad Ford Smith about 1 year

Very nicely done. Love the story and the calligraphy. By the way nice website and blog. And thanks for the favorites on Flickr.

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pinesusan over 1 year

sketchbook -  thanks for your encouragement - yes, I too am hustling to finish by the deadline -  once it's completed, I can tend to all the other projects lying about the house while I worked on the sketchbook -   whew !


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