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A record year for rainfall

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Hi, I'm Dave - Until a couple years ago, my artistic endeavors were limited to rough drafts of electrical diagrams and mechanical drawings - you wouldn't see any of these unless you hang out in rail yards, underground tunnels or other industrial locations.  

I woke up one morning and couldn't read or write, or remember a whole lot of names.  NOT a good thing for an engineer.  BUT - seems all these are pretty much left side of the brain activities, while the right side is where all the artistic functions reside.  So I started drawing all kinds of stuff.

I have since (mostly) recovered my ability to read and write and returned to engineering.  Trying to keep the right side going - Thus the art house co-op.

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gboivinqc 9 minutes ago

Thank you for your comment. You sure look like you're having fun. Bravo! Like you said, keep the right side going!

dabickford January 3, 2011

Inspiring story. Keep the right side going.

Adelie January 3, 2011

Thanks for all you kind comments! Merci!

pointypix January 1, 2011

Hi Dave,

thank you so much for your comments on my sketchbook submissions. That is some bio you have - amazing that it happened and great that you have recovered your previous abilities and learnt a new one to boot! I love your take on the theme you've chosen - really witty ideas. New York city rain is my favourite!

dtoland December 31, 2010

Thank you for looking at my book and leaving such nice comments. I wish I had time to scan and upload more but I'm working against the clock just to finish the book in time! I'll try to add more before the mailing.

loaren143 December 29, 2010

absolutely wonderful

limau71 December 26, 2010

Grazie ancora Dave e Buone Feste :)

limau71 December 24, 2010

Ciao Dave vedo che scrivi anche in italiano. Grazie per i tuoi commenti e complimenti per i tuoi disegni molto delicati e poetici :)

MaggiCo December 21, 2010

Thanks a lot for your word!!!!


I hope you like "Once upon a time..." if you can see the sketchbook


Happy Christmas!

kaos December 19, 2010

Thanks for the comments.  Fun drawings and nice watercolours in your book. Good work!


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