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The Painter of Blue

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Combinaisons sous-marines

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Le Carnet Bleu

for The Sketchbook Project 3

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CHAIR, homage to Francis Bacon

for 10,000 People Project

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for The Canvas Project 2

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Friends of Friends of Friends

for The Sketchbook Project Volume 4

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for The Color Project - Blue

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bluepainter February 4, 2010


I saw the boxes ! By the way this website is very confusing and updates are not...updated. I can't find any pics or thread about the show in december about "Chair"....

André just send me an email !!!! so he seems to use XXIe century tools now !!!!

Keep the good work

ellywright January 29, 2010

Bonjour Pascal,

Today our sketchbooks will be out there to be shared with whoever is interested. Guess what, I was looking at the blog and at flickr, both of which are showing some photos of themed boxes with our books -  I actually saw a corner of my book (it has quite a distinctive colourful cover). At least I now know that it arrived safely! The postal service in UK provided a very erratic service at the end of last year - wild cat strikes etc. Anyway,  I wished I could be there to see all the books of my new friends. Good luck to all of you.

ellywright December 29, 2009

Pascal, meilleurs voeux pour 2010 - je te souhaite beaucoup de sante, inspiration et creativite!

ellywright November 17, 2009

What a small world we live in. Andre and I have been shown by the same gallery in St. Antonin Noble Val. We do not own his work but have two of his books 'La Passion du Bleu' and 'One Man Chauve'. Where is your studio in Normandy and do you spend much time there? A bientot Pascal.

ellywright November 17, 2009

Hello blue painter, I like your carnets bleus. Had a look at your site and was immediately immersed in blue. Wonderful. Have you heard of Andre Laban? Met him in St Antonin Noble Val,France. Here is a link to some of his work. Would be nice to know what you think

Nancy Martini
Nancy Martini November 16, 2009

Great barbed houndshark! Very fun... I love the ocean too. Last Sunday, I finally saved up enough for sailing lessons. The ocean is the only place I truly feel at home.

Artsylady22 June 25, 2009

I love your work. I tend to use blue a lot and one thing that I say all the time is... "but I think it looks better in blue. Everything looks good in blue!" Can't wait to go to work tomorrow and show your website to everyone!

animal collective
animal collective May 8, 2009
Animal of the week

A series of deep sea creatures were unveiled at the 11th International Deep-Sea Biology Symposium, held in Southampton, UK. This little fella is an Annelid Worm found at a deep-sea vent

Christines Arts
Christines Arts April 21, 2009

I visited your website.  Your amazing!  Really enjoyed viewing.

animal collective
animal collective March 4, 2009


animal of the week


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