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Capturing dreams, thoughts and moments in time ......."INSIDE/OUTSIDE"
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Annie Hamilton-Grundy was born in Sydney, New South Wales, she moved to London between the ages of  7 and 14 years old where she developed her passion for Towers and Castles.  She has also travelled around Europe and the United States in her twenties and now currently lives in the beachside town of Ocean Grove in Victoria, Australia.

Annie finalized her dreams and goals by majoring  in Ceramics at the then Canberra School of Art in Canberra, ACT, Australia with exhibitions in Canberra and Melbourne. However, to support her family she is currently an Architectural draftsperson.

Annie has loved creating since she can remember and loves her box of coloured pencils.

In another life Annie would love to illustrate children’s books or go back to creating Towers in her other love, Clay.

When not at work or in her kitchen sketching, Annie can be found with her best friend Caroline or all or either of her three teenage children, Laurie, Nina or Rosie.  She also loves  music, champagne and dark chocolate and can be found on Facebook.

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Lindzshadow92 November 15, 2010

You're welcome! :)

my book is going... okay haha I've only drawn on 2 pages so far..

sometime's its a little difficult to come up with good idea's but my friend is also doing the sketchbook project with me, so we help eachother out and it's fun! :)

dh_is November 14, 2010

That's amazing, I think you should keep drawing even after this sketchbook project, like, make it a point to keep a visual journal with you where you fill it up whenever you want to, whenever an idea pops in your head or your hands feel itchy to grab some pencils and draw. I think it is very important for the mind to have something like that around, it helps the harder parts of the real world seem a bit softer, if not at least just around the edges so you don't feel much of the blow. Cuz you sound really passionate about your art, and I don't think someone creative who feels so strongly for art should ever stop, and your works are so delightful, I think more people should see them so yea, keep drawing! :D

I have no plans for the after-uni future, to be honest I don't have much control over what's going to happen after next year, and who knows, I mean, I don't think I'm ever going to give up trying with this art thing, given up too much for it, so hopefully something good comes out of all this uni struggle and it can grow into something I can work with for the near future. We shall see! For the mean time I should really get cracking on more sketchbook project pages, I've been a tad bit lazy these past few weeks, heh.

roshi7 November 13, 2010

hi Annie 


mine is 'in 5 minutes' I think - pretty loosely interpreted I'd say it will be! hope youre well and going strong on it. I'm doing another co operative project - an art therapy one as well, but yeh, have to keep this one in mind as its pretty soon - mine will be experimental and exploratory and hopefully enjoyable rather than well - as polished as a lot of the stuff is. had thought about doing the watercolor binding thing, but that may take up too much good time, so it will be what it will be really! 

take care 

so tropical here in Canb at the moment! thunder and rain and then ... bit more of it... 


roshi7 November 11, 2010

thanks Annie yeh will be having to move - get it done not get it right, as someone said at uni once... since stuff is never really 'right',  but will have to move for sure.... I like the fact that yours is done on the actual moleskin surface

Pity that papers not tougher to start with, but its a challenge to work with, thats part of the thing i guess, not how pretty it looks! seems to be the concepts that interest people, really, as well - the clean production is another thing, but we are inspired by the ideas in the work, or I am at least. If feeling is conveyed,or an idea explored, its definitely interesting.

better get onto things anyway have nice weekend  


roshi7 November 11, 2010

thanks for your comments Annie,

yeh quite a few Aussies on here. I came across a journal project from Vic, I think, on a womans blog - another aust artist is doing that one. Fibre arts forum one.. but this is so big - all those amazing images!Saw a great page yesterday tho, 'I wish I were braver' - funny and sharp comment on the project. My book just arrived last week, while I was away, and I've been a bit nervous to destroy those silky pages. I'm getting into it today though!


dh_is November 10, 2010

Yeap, doing Fine Art in Melbourne, majoring in painting, which is very deceptive, i barely paint anymore but i'm always drawing. which reminds me i should really get cracking on this sketchbook project, been getting distracted by other things that needs drawing. How about yourself, are you a practicing artist or do you just happen to have kickass drawing skills? :)

dh_is November 6, 2010

ah uni... yes, it does horrible things to my mind. but it's okay! it's the holidays now! :D i'm doing fine art. you'd imagine i should be enjoying this course seeing as how i can go for days drawing non-stop... there are some really great bits bout it though, i guess i'll just have to try to survive and pull through, one more year to go! 

uhm, not too sure bout the leaving or arriving... but beginning of december should be a safe bet to send it and have it received before 15th jan. 


linsart November 5, 2010

I have enjoyed looking at your sketchbook, I like your interpretattions as well as the sketches

Alissa Duke
Alissa Duke November 3, 2010

Thanks for your comments Annie - I really like your tower inside/outside and your interpretations on the theme. I did know how I wouls have done this one. I have about 6 double pages to complete and then a bit of tidying up. I am posting mine airmail as I kept the original paper and it is light. I want to get it away early /mid December to avoid the Christmas rush of mail.

Anniehg November 2, 2010

Thanks for the lovely coments too Dh_is, funny I really like your intense colours!  What are you doing at Uni (as if you need the added stress!) was thinking of airmailing at the end of December too (allowing approx 3 weeks for it to get there with the Xmas mail etc? - Hope it's not too expensive or late.  When they say by 15-01-11 do they mean arriving there or leaving here?


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