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Chicago, IL, United States
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Intense loving artist

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Come to Studio # 17 is where I create my art at the New Art Center in Batavia, Illinois, Water Street Studios is located at 160 S Water Street, Batavia, Illinois.  Go to my website to see more!

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arlissa April 6, 2010

Hello, will you vote to help Visual Overture Magazine get a $25,000 grant from Pepsi so
that we can better serve emerging artists?

You can vote once a day, every day from now until April 30.

Thnx, from a fellow artist. :)

ArtQwerks January 7, 2010

Ann Arbor is about 45 minutes from me...GREAT city!

ArtQwerks January 7, 2010

Hi Penny, Thanks for the compliment! I took a peak at your website, awesome stuff! I find the peace signs particularly compelling! YOU go girl!!!! Great work!!!

BurntSaladStudios January 6, 2010


damien james
damien james January 5, 2010

Penny! Pleasure meeting you here, as well. I hope your twenty-ten is excellent and overflowing with good things. Any shows in the city coming up?

Nancy Martini
Nancy Martini January 2, 2010

Thanks for checking out my work and your comments! Time is my biggest obstacle. With three kids and working my day job leaves little time to work on my art.  Deadlines seem to work well for me. I think the deadlines are the main reason I sign up for these projects on Arthouse.

Cj Stephens
Cj Stephens January 2, 2010

Hi Penny! Thanks for writing and friending me.  My Help Wanted with the laundry hanging is for sale.  Let me know if you're's about 11"x16.5" I am going to check out your work.


Nancy Martini
Nancy Martini January 1, 2010

Hi, I checked out your website and love your bullet work. Great texture and color. Hope to see your self portrait soon. I signed up for that as well and am almost finished. Happy New Year!

irena hodzic
irena hodzic December 27, 2009

:) could be done ,lets see what happens

maybe i finally go to the states instead you flying?

best wishes,irena

irena hodzic
irena hodzic December 27, 2009

hi ,great work on your web page,welcome

(hope you will enter color project too ,would be great to see one of your bullets acrylics there ;)   )


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