Melissa Kojima

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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A quirky, Los Angeles artist, discovering madness and creativity in LA LA Land and around the world.
painter, acrylic, pop-surreal, figurative, illustrator, quirky

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Melissa Kojima is also known as Artist in LA LA Land because she lives
and works in Los Angeles and her art and illustrations are surreal and
quirky. She likes having her head in the clouds because she can get
better ideas up there.

She has created art work for the Los Angeles Times Newspaper, The Otsuma Women's College in Tokoyo, Japan and for Sexual Assault Support Services in Eugene, Oregon, to name a few.

She believes art should tell a story, be fun and sometimes help good causes like Amnesty International and Visual AIDS foundation which helps artists with AIDS.

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cynthia 14 days ago

Wonderful work!


veget22 19 days ago

Great work! 


Lisa Michitti
Lisa Michitti 53 days ago

Your stuff is freeakin' awesome.


REfine 56 days ago

I appreciate your compliment on my work Melissa. I had alot of fun creating that piece for a commission. Your drawings are sooooo cool--nice skills!  : )


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