Luly Sosa

Austin, TX, United States
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Living in Chihuahua México, visual artist
visual, artist, photographer, painter

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She obtains some  national and international prizes and
honorary mentions : The Cultural Mex-Am Foundation and Mexican Artist
Fellowship Program at Vertmont Studio Center and the UNESCO-ASHBERG 1998-99, as
well in 2000-01. She Obtains the fellowship: “Jóvenes Creadores 2000-01”
(Young Creators 2000-01), sponsored by the FONCA (National Program for the
Culture and the Arts). In 1999-2000 she holds the Museographer chair at Casa
Redonda Contemporary Museum of Art in Chihuahua, being in charge of exhibits
and art pieces from Mexican artists like  Gabriel Fernández Ledesma, José
Chávez Morado, María Izquierdo and David A. Siqueiros and several Latino
American masters. In Texas she has had several exhibits at Cultural spaces like
Institute of Mexico, The Southwest School of Arts & Craft, Arts & Eats
(event organized by Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum) in the city of San
Antonio; and the Mexican-American  Museum of Art in the city of Austin,
exhibing among several artist from different nationalities.  Participates
in the workshop Friendship Fiesta organized by Blue Star Contemporany Art
center and the Instituto de Mexico en san Antonio Texas in the Along with
binacional artists like Michael Velliquette, Bestsabeé Romero, and Raquel
Beechner. Also she participates in the Instituto de Mexico 2004 Christmas Bazar
along most well know artist like Jose Luis Cuevas, Lucia Maya, Tamayo, Castro
Leñero and more.

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Papermoonies 7 days ago

oh my goodness, thank you I wish I spent more time on it.. Photography.

your photo's are really nice, I like what you have done with the coloration. Thank you for peeking into my web site, I just published my first ever blog [email protected], would love a follow if you see fit. Cheers!  Brittany


animal collective
animal collective 23 days ago

animal of the week


beastiecurator 30 days ago

Hauntingly beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.


your artist name
your artist name 30 days ago

dark times often lead to powerful artwork, as yours is


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