Because working together is more fun.

  • The Governor's Academy

    Newbury, MA, United States

    One of my students was doing it on her own and she got everyone excited about it and she and I thought it would be a cool idea to open it up to the whole community!

    Belle Struck, Studio Art Teacher
  • Palo Alto Art Center

    Palo Alto, CA, United States

  • Casey Middle School

    Boulder, CO, United States

  • Kidz Positive

    Cape Town, South Africa

    It's such an amazing creative collaboration and it really seemed written in the stars that we participate.

    Shelley Finch, Group Leader

Educational and group discounts

The Sketchbook Project connects participants with our global community of artists. But you don't have to create alone!

Our Groups Program offers a chance to get together locally and enjoy the creative process together. From school groups to art collectives, non-profits to families and friends, our Group participants choose to experience The Sketchbook Project en masse. Whether it's to enhance your curriculum, share techniques with friends, or encourage each other's creative process, participating as a Group is a great way to share something special together.

Have a Group you want to sign up? It's simple. And we even offer discounts!

Groups of 4-9 get 15% off their entire order. Groups of 10+ get 20% off! Just fill out our quick form or email us at , and we'll get you set up with a promo code.


Email , and we'll do our best to help you out and get you creating with your Group.

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