About Art House

Sign ups/projects

What are Art House "projects"?

Art House projects are a way to create a community of artists and give anyone a chance to be part of something creative. We hold an exhibition for every project at our gallery in Atlanta, Ga. All of our projects are open for sign ups on a first come first serve basis.

Who Should Participate?

Everyone! If you are a professional artist, consider this a unique opportunity to get your work out there and add a show or two to your resume. If you are a first time artist, think of it as a way to inspire you and give you a chance to be in a gallery and see your work on the wall!

How do I participate?

All you need to do is check out our projects and find one that interests you. Then, 2-3 weeks later, you will receive your project packet. It will have contain all of the instructions you need!

So, what do I do now that I signed up?

After we receive your info and submission fee, we will send out your items for the project in the order we received your submission. After you get it, there will be a brief instruction sheet inside. Now get to work! Remember to check out the deadline on the website to make sure you get it to us in time. Please note that international artists may want to consider allowing more time for shipping both ways.

I can't make it to the show. How can I see images of the show and other people's work?

For every show, we do our best to take as many pictures as we can and upload them onto our flickr page. We also encourage you to look at all the uploaded images from others in your project. We will do or best to make you feel like you were there. But, please remember to upload pictures of your work to your profile page so everyone else can see what the collective came up with

I work for an educational institute and wish to sign up multiple students, who should I contact?

We offer educational discounts for schools wanting to sign up students at the school. Please contact steven@arthousecoop.com for more info.

Can I Pay with a check for a project?

Yes. Please make sure you send your full name, artist name and your shipping address. Make checks out to Art House and mail it to:
Art House Gallery
309 Peters Street
Unit 1
Atlanta, Ga 30313


I love art house and would like to help out! Do you need any help?

We would love your help! Please send an email to info@arthousecoop.com and let us know in what way you would want to help!

Where are you located?

We are located at: Art House Gallery
309 Peters Street
Unit 1
Atlanta, Ga 30313

Are you hiring?

Unfortunately the money gods do not allow us to hire people. We do have rotating Interns. Please send resumes to steven@arthousecoop.com

What is the mailing address?

Art House Gallery
309 Peters Street
Unit 1
Atlanta, Ga 30313

Who are those good looking dogs in your profile pictures?

Gomer is the big brown one. Alphie is the small one.


How will you ship my submission packet to me?

We use USPS for all of our shipping.

How long does it take to receive a submission packet after i sign up?

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks on average. We ship items out in the order we receive the orders and we can never predict how many we will get in a week. Please keep allow some extra time for international sign ups.

Its been over 3 weeks and still have not received my submission packet!

If after 3 weeks you still have not received your packet, please check your submission on the submissions page and make sure your shipping address was correct. Then, please notify us. We do experience an occasional lost package in the mail. We will be happy to send you out a new packet if this happens. It is up to YOU to notify us you have not received it. We can no longer read minds.

Can I get my art work back after the Exhibition?

Please refer to the specific projects FAQ's for this answer.

Gallery Questions

How can I be considered to have a show at your Gallery?

You are welcome to send us images of your work on a CD. Please take a look at what we have shown in the past to see if we are a good fit. We also accept proposals for interactive installations to be shown at art walks the 4th friday of every month.

Do you have regular hours?

Please refer to the specific event to see when it will be showing.

Can I rent the gallery for my exhibition?

We accept proposals for shows on a rented basis. Most of the open space is saved for undergrad and graduate students wishing to have a thesis/final exhibition. Please email steven@arthousecoop.com for more info.

Can I rent the gallery for an event?

Yes! We rent the gallery out for events and parties. The rental fees depend on when and how long you need the space. Please email steven@arthousecoop.com for more info.

Our gallery would like to host an Art House Event, how can we do this?

Please send all requests to steven@arthousecoop.com. Please make sure to include some info about your gallery and a contact phone number and email.