Welcome to the library! The library acts as the physical extension of Art House and is home to the Sketchbook Project. Our walls are lined with shelves where we display the sketchbooks and visitors are welcome to check out a pile of books, have a seat at one of our sun-soaked oak tables, and pass an afternoon happily browsing.

The books are individually catalogued and barcoded, so we can search for books by artist name, location, and theme. As we digitize the books, we are also tagging them with subjects, media and other attributes, which will be searchable in our database. Simply sign up for a free Brookyn Art Library card and one of our librarians will help you to navigate the archive. Whether you have a second cousin who participated in the project, an inexplicable fascination with Iceland, or a love of pop-up books, we will be able to find a sketchbook for you.

The library also functions as a storefront purveyor of notebooks, art supplies, stationary and vintage ephemera. So if you're feeling inspired after browsing through the archive of visual inspiration, we'll have everything you need to start working on your own projects.

The library is the physical space where the Sketchbook Project's diverse contributors come together and serves as our link to the Williamsburg neighborhood. Our storefront encourages the Art House community to interact with one another on a face-to-face level while introducing our members' work to our local Brooklyn audience. The library also hosts readings, discussions, workshops and performances throughout the year. Sign up to receive email updates about upcoming events at the library and come visit us soon!