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A Million Little Pictures: Documentary

The time has finally come! A Million Little Pictures is back! This time we are taking it to a new level. We are looking for 1000 people from around the world to receive 1000 disposable cameras. We’ll mail the camera to you for you to document your life in 24 exposures and then you simply [...]

Free Encouragement Postcards

In a sweet collaborative project between Erin (designformankind.com) and Jeff (booooooom.com), comes a batch of 10 different postcards sporting love, encouragement, support, and other niceties. In a time filled with economic trouble, these are the perfect things to show your support to the people you love.
My favorite one is the one that states “your new [...]

This is beautiful


Imaginary T-Shirts

The Imaginary Foundation just released an amazing batch of new shirts for sale. Also, the shirt pictured happened to tie in really well with the theme of The Sketchbook Project.

Painting with light

There’s a nice collection of light painting photos over at Booooooom! that are sure to stir up some inspiration.

Design For Mankind

Erin’s blog, chocked full of design motivation and inspiration!