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Michelle Dickson, Art House’s Artist in Residence

Michelle Dickson is our current artist in residence, and we’re really excited about her upcoming show! She’s been working really hard in our gallery this month, and will be showing her finished pieces in the May ArtStroll. As an artist in residence, she’s in the galley 24/7; She literally sleeps in the loft above Steven [...]

Thomson Moore the Sculptor

Our friend, and sculptor, Thomson Moore, had a show with us last month for the April ArtStroll. It was the first sculpture show that Art House has had in it’s gallery, so we were really excited to have him be a part of it. Thomson is a local artist who really knows how to put [...]

Corrie Wright’s 10,000 submission made out of tape

Fascinated by Corrie’s 10,000 Project submission. I thought it was made out of plastic wrap at first, but she told me it’s actually tape (clear packaging tape I’m assuming). In anycase, I’m totally digging it.

Inbalimor’s Portfolio

Inbalimor has some great work in their portfolio. Also, check out some shots of her sketchbook – love the style!

Video of The Sketchbook Project on CNN

CNN just posted the video on their site that they did about the Sketchbook Project! Check it out!
Embedded video from CNN Video