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Allison Weiss

Hey check out Athens, Ga artist Allison Weiss’s new free CD “Live and sidewalk NYC.” You can also find out more about her at allisonw.com
We think she should play at art house.


Hey check out our new friends at wonder root! WonderRoot is an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization committed to uniting artists and community to inspire positive social change


Dear Everyone,
Hello, Steven here! With the fall coming, Shane and I have decided to make a little promise to all of our participants. We realize the need and the want to receive items from projects much faster then you have in the past. However, this was very slow and sometimes took months for you to [...]

Imaginary T-Shirts

The Imaginary Foundation just released an amazing batch of new shirts for sale. Also, the shirt pictured happened to tie in really well with the theme of The Sketchbook Project.

Painting with light

There’s a nice collection of light painting photos over at Booooooom! that are sure to stir up some inspiration.

Art House in Creative Loafing

Cinque Hicks recently interviewed Steve and I and wrote a really nice article about Art House for Creative Loafing. Check it out!